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uBanker Review: Pros and Cons.

uBanker ’s motto is “ Take control of your finances. Learn to invest as bankers do.” The reason that is so important is that this company wants its investors to learn the mechanics of investing so that they can forge their own investment path. To help their investors on this path, uBanker provides its investors with sophisticated financial tools and educational information, including in-depth, self-study courses.

uBanker is dedicated to ensuring its traders will always receive the highest customer service, financial management, protection of privacy, and access to technological advancements as it becomes relevant for the best interest of their account.

Here is an in-depth review of this dynamic company, taking a look at regulations, leveraging options, and other aspects of uBanker , to see if this is a good option for your personal investment needs.

Broker’s Regulations.

uBanker is certified by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. This commission is responsible for the regulation and supervision of investment business and company services providers. As a believer in the ideals and process of the Commission, uBanker is sure to adhere to all of the strict regulations and guidelines this organization sets forth.

Leverage Options with uBanker.

uBanker offers a few different leveraging options, depending on the industry you would like to invest in. Here are the different leveraging options available on uBanker :

● Foreign Exchange Currency Trading (FOREX) 1: 200.

● Gold, Silver, and Oil: 1: 200.

● Rest of Commodities: 1:100.

● CFD on Indices: 1:100.

● CFD on Shares: 1:10.

While none of these leverage options are great, it is important to note that a FOREX of 1:200 is not too bad. Remember, the higher the leverage, the more of a risk is taken in that investment.

Trading Assets.

uBanker offers an encouraging spread of trading assets for investors to choose from. Here are all the investment options that are available through this platform:

● CDFs.

● Commodities.

● Currencies.

● Indices.

● Shares.

Trading Commissions and Fees.

uBanker has trading fees that are dependent on the specific account that is being traded on. However, as far as brokers go, uBanker has one of the lowest numbers of fees in the industry.

The one steadfast fee is the inactive fee. If the investor is inactive on the account for six months, a monthly fee of $33.33 will be taken out of the account. Mostly, this is an incentive for investors to stay active with their investments.

After all, the main goal of this platform is to teach investors how to take charge of their own financial wellbeing. That takes dedication, time, and commitment.

Deposit Conditions.

This broker offers a few choices when it comes to deposits. However, the options and the minimum account requirements are simple. To open an account, an investor must deposit a minimum of $200 through one of these three deposit options:

● Credit/Debit card (VISA, MasterCard, )

● Bank Wire Transfer.

Withdraw Conditions.

uBanker tries to make the withdrawal method as simple as the deposit. To do this easily, it is best if your withdrawal method matches your deposit method.

Although uBanker tries their best to process withdraws safely and securely . Matching your deposit and withdraw option is the best way to ensure the quickest processing. In addition to that, here is the process for withdrawing your funds:

1. Register your withdrawal on the platform.

2. Email the documents listed below to

● Proof of ID: Copy of your ID, passport, driving license.

● Proof of Residence: An invoice issued in the last 6 months.

● Signed Contract: Download and print the agreement and hand-sign all 7 pages.

If you use a credit card to fund your account, please also send:

● Credit Card Copy: Both sides of the credit card you are using for this account (must show first 6 digits and last 4 on both sides, expiry date, and full name)

● CCD (Credit Card Declaration): You should receive this Declaration shortly after you make your withdrawal request or in any case of more than 5 transactions to your email. Please hand sign near each one of the deposits and send it back to uBanker customer care. In case you have not received such an email, please contact .

3. Full bank details: This includes your bank account name, swift code, account NO / IBAN, bank name, and any other information that you deem relevant.

*Please Note: Withdrawal by means of Bank Transfer is limited to a minimum amount of $50 USD.

Tools for trading.

Market trading is not easy. That is why uBanker offers these tools to help their investors figure out what they are doing and chart the correct course for their own financial well being.

uBanker is a great place for new investors because their trading platforms are designed to be user-friendly. This platform is all about making you more fiscally conscious, therefore they have shaped the tools and trading platforms to be easy to understand. That way, you can focus on how to best increase your profit potential.

In an effort to help new investors get started, uBanker offers protection on the first 5 to 15 trades . During this time, if you earn you keep the profits but if you lose the money you invested will be returned to your trading account.

uBanker offers a comprehensive self-study course to new investors that explains the business of investing, the importance of knowing what to invest in, and the types of investments to watch out for.


● uBanker offers investors a wide range of tools to help jumpstart their investments.

● The broker offers a lot of educational information to help investors understand the investment business and make good choices when investing.

● This broker does not overload its investors with fees.

● Having a Secured Investment is a great way to ease new investors into the system.

● This broker has a plethora of different leveraging options for investors to choose from.


● uBanker has a lot of hoops to jump through for investors to withdraw their money. While it makes sense that there is a procedure to be upheld, it doesn’t make sense that it is so difficult to get your money. According to some reviews, the process could take months, which is extremely disheartening.

● Some of the information, with regards to uBanker specifics, is a little vague. This could turn off some investors.


In summation, uBanker is definitely a contender for a new investor, looking to learn the different types of investments that are available. The greatest benefit is the lack of fees, the trading tools, and the educational information that is available at uBanker . While it might not be a system that an investor sticks with forever, it seems like a good place to start their investment journey.


Trading CFDs carries significant risks as they are complex instruments. You may not have to own a particular asset in order to benefit from the movement of the market, but rapid changes in price or leverage may cause you to lose all your money. Before you start trading, make sure you understand entirely how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the risk .

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